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6 Benefits of Engaging the Services of a Disability Advocate

6 Benefits of Engaging the Services of a Disability Advocate

If you’re disabled, employment discrimination can be a serious issue. Without a disability lawyer, an employer may be able to get away with discriminatory practices in your situation. Having an advocate on your side will protect you from being fired or denied opportunities for promotions because of your disability. Here are the benefits of having a disability advocate on your side.

1. Prevent Discrimination

Employers can discriminate against disabled workers in several ways regarding hiring and firing. Disabled people want jobs as much as any other person does. When an employer is discriminating against a disabled employee for being unable to perform certain tasks, it’s vital to have a disability lawyer on your side. This allows you to present your case and ensure that you’re treated fairly, which everyone deserves.

2. Get the Right Compensation and Benefits

Employees who are able-bodied receive benefits and compensation worth thousands of dollars throughout a career. However, when discrimination is at play, disabled employees may only receive a fraction of what they should be entitled to. This is due to employers using different criteria such as performance reviews or subjective opinions to discriminate against impaired employees. Learn more information from Disability Lawyer Toronto and their available resources.

3. Make Sure Your Health is Treated with Respect

When an employer discriminates against a disabled worker, they can put the person’s health at risk. In some cases, this means that a worker will be required to do tasks that shouldn’t be expected of them. For example, if someone suffers from a back condition and their job requires heavy lifting or awkward physical positions, this could cause further problems for their back. Others could face wrongful termination as well.

4. Defend Your Civil Rights

If you’re the victim of disability discrimination, then a disability advocate can help you. They’ll be able to protect your civil rights and assist you with the process of filing a complaint and winning compensation for your suffering. Who knows, maybe this will be an experience that inspires you to become an advocate yourself in the future.

5. Make Your Case a Success

Research has shown that people who have disability advocates on their side are more likely to succeed in the workplace. It doesn’t take long for an advocate to discover what’s going on. If there are any problems or issues, they will make sure that this is resolved as quickly as possible so that you’re not at a disadvantage and have the support of your advocate.

6. No Up-Front Fees

Despite all of these great benefits, one of the best things about hiring a disability lawyer is that there are no fees up-front. This means that you’re able to find out whether or not an attorney can be successful in your case before handing over any money.

There’s no better time than the present to hire a disability lawyer if you’re disabled. In many cases, this can help you prevent discrimination, get the right compensation and benefits and protect your civil rights to a fair shot in the workplace.