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6 Tricks to Stay Comfortable in a Mascot Costume

6 Tricks to Stay Comfortable in a Mascot Costume

Wearing a mascot costume can be fun—or a nightmare. Besides carrying the extra weight that a costume adds to your body, it can be extremely hot inside, especially during summer. However, irrespective of the weather, there are various ways you can comfortably wear a mascot costume and actually enjoy the experience. Below are a few tips that you might find helpful.

1. Wear the Right Design

When choosing a mascot costume, you need to make sure that the head is the right fit. Besides, get a design that does not obstruct your vision in any way. You need to be able to see clearly. The eyes, nose, and the mouth of the costume should perfectly align with your eyes, nose and mouth to give you the best fit possible.

2. Ensure the Costume Has Adequate Air Flow

Since you will be performing in a mascot costume, it’s inevitable that there will be a lot of heat generated. The mascot costume should have a vent that allows the hot air to escape. This is critical if you are to give a thrilling performance. To ensure proper venting and allow the free flow of fresh air into the costume, have a mesh in various parts of the costume. For instance, the mouth area and the top of the head, and the nose are ideal places for a mesh. However, the mesh should not be so visible as to mess the character’s appearance.

3. Wear a Cooling Vest

It can be extremely hot inside a mascot costume, especially during the summer. A cooling vest provides a great way to regulate the temperatures inside and keep you cool even in extreme heat. They help in regulating your core temperature and stabilizing it at the appropriate levels, keeping you safe throughout the mascot performance. Wearing a cooling vest also makes it possible for you to wear the costume for a longer period, long enough to complete your performance. Cooling vests are made to be worn over your clothes but inside the costume. They feature special pockets with gel ice packs.

There is, however, an underside to wearing a cooling vest: they increase the weight of the costume and therefore make it difficult for the mascot to perform. For this reason, some performers would rather bear the heat than wear them. Whether to wear cooling vests or not is a matter of personal choice. Whichever choice you make, you will ultimately have to trade one convenience for another.

4. Install a Fan

A small battery-powered fan strategically installed in the costume can provide much-needed cooling during the summer. You can place it around the head to keep you feeling cool and breezy. You can also use the fan to expel warm air from your costume.

5. The Costume Structure

The costume should be made of appropriate material. For instance, the material used for the inner body of the costume should feature breathable, lightweight foam. Avoid wearing costumes with thick, heavy padding close to your body since they trap heat and moisture, making them highly uncomfortable to wear.

6. Wear Light Clothing

A mascot costume can be extremely heavy. To avoid making it even heavier, wear light clothing. A short and a t-shirt are ideal for the summer. You should only consider wearing jeans and a sweater during winter.

Wearing a mascot costume can be fun. However, it can also be a nightmare if not done right. To make sure that the mascot completes its performance without putting you under undue stress, always wear the mascot costume right. This involves making sure you are comfortable throughout the entire performance.