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6 Fun Ideas for Baseball Caps

6 Fun Ideas for Baseball Caps

Custom baseball caps can make a great gift, promotional tool, or addition to a uniform. As you can customize your cap to be anything that you want, your options are unlimited. If you are planning to have some custom caps made then you are in the right place. Let’s have a look at some of the main reasons that people have custom caps made.

1. Promotional materials

There is always room to have more promotional material available at corporate events and conferences. Caps make the perfect addition to the booth that is filled with pens, t-shirts, notebooks, and more. You may find that a cap is something that you only give out to your very special customers. This is a great way to make them feel appreciated. After all, you can make thousands of pens for fairly cheaply, a cap, however, feels a little more of a premium offering. Even though they can be just as affordable.

2. Uniforms

Do you have a team that wears a uniform at work? If you ever think that something is missing you’re probably right. A cap can make your team look even more professional and reinforce your brand message a great deal. You can take your logo and colour scheme and apply it to any style of cap that you want. You can even look into the option of having your whole uniform customized too.

3. Merchandise

You don’t have to give these custom caps away. You can sell them for a significant profit. This works great when your brand is something that people want to be associated with. This can be anything from a local pub to your band. The possibilities are endless. This has the advantage of being unique.

Your fans will be willing to pay a premium for your merchandise before it sells out! You shouldn’t stop at just caps for this. You should feel free to get t-shirts made as well. After all, if you have an audience that is willing to pay money for your branded goods then why not give them what they want.

4. Bachelorette/bachelor parties

Nothing says, there goes the bride more than a group of girls in matching t-shirts all with something potentially embarrassing written on them. Well, that is except for matching caps. You can customize the cap to say anything that you want. It could feature the bride’s name, a picture of her or anything that you think of.

For bachelor parties, these caps can go down a real treat. Afterwards, you can bust them out on the golf course too and relive the greatest guys night out you ever had.

5. Gag gifts

As you can put any message on your customized cap, you can have some real fun at someone else’s expense. If you have a running joke with one of your friends. For their next birthday party, you can get them a gift that they will never forget. You’ll need to put your thinking cap on if you want this to really land well.

6. New parents

You can get your friends that are new parents a cap that has their baby’s name on it if you like. This can be a great gift that the parent can wear and then pass down to their child when they’re old enough. This is something of a gag gift, but you can complement it with a customized baby’s onesie. These always go down a treat and are a lot more personal than buying some baby clothes off the rack.