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4 Most Common Places Where You Will Find Exhaust Fans

4 Most Common Places Where You Will Find Exhaust Fans

For various reasons, air quality, especially in certain industries is really important. Sometimes, specific measures have to be taken to make sure the quality of air remains good. There can be all kinds of pollutants, allergens, dust or moisture, which, for someone who has health problems, can cause more health concerns.

Even if there were no health issues, over a long period of time, something can develop if the air quality is not good. After all, how healthy can it be if we are breathing airborne pollutants constantly? Exhaust fans play their part in maintaining proper air quality and ventilation. Let’s take a look at some of the common uses for exhaust fans.

1. Commercial Kitchens

Whether in a commercial kitchen or even in your own home, the use of exhaust fans is quite common. It may not be as necessary in your home but in a commercial kitchen, there must be an exhaust fan. There is a lot of work that goes on in a commercial kitchen. Various employees will be doing different tasks. There will be lots of smoke from cooking, frying and occasional accidents causing things to burn!

There will be lots of odours and grease and there must be proper ventilation or it can cause a health hazard. An exhaust fan can help to remove much of this, making working conditions safer and more tolerable.

2. Bathrooms

A bathroom is a place where a lot of moisture can build up. A lot of condensation takes place as a result of taking a shower or a bath. This moisture can be found on tiles and mirrors. Too much of this can cause the growth of mould spores. This is why bathrooms should have an exhaust fan to help reduce this moisture and growth of mould. Depending on how high your bathroom ceiling is, it may be necessary to have two exhaust fans.

3. Industrial Setting

Commercial exhaust fans are used in many industrial settings. Many of these places house products that need to be kept cool and dry. It also enables production standards to remain relatively high. This is why you will find these exhaust fans in many commercial spaces and also in warehouses. Without the use of such fans, the air will be stale and possibly noxious. Using exhaust fans can help to prevent this and maintain a higher and healthier quality of air.

4. In Hospitals

It is thought, as unbelievable as it may sound, that the quality of air inside a building may actually be filled with more pollutants, moisture and allergens than the air outside. In places like hospitals, the quality of air takes on a greater significance. Many patients need an environment to help them with healing and recovery. This is why exhaust fans are critical in hospitals. Patients will need to go through various procedures after which they will need to recover. This is made possible only if the environment is cleaner and with less allergens and pollutants. Proper air circulation in a hospital setting is vital for everyone, especially the patients.

Even a chimney in your own home can make use of a proper exhaust fan. Smoke and odour may otherwise disperse in your home. An exhaust fan can drive the smoke up the chimney flue, making it safer for you and your family.