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4 Ways to Optimize Your Self Storage Security

4 Ways to Optimize Your Self Storage Security

Many people use self-storage units for home organization, security, safety, moving, and insurance reasons. People, however, need to be detail-oriented and smart about self-storage security. Lack of security can turn your self-storage experience into a concern about theft, damage, and loss. Keep reading to learn some of the things you can do to optimize the security of your self-storage unit.

1. Choose the Right Facility

The first thing you need to do when looking to store personal or business items is to do your research when it comes to facilities. Look at your options and don’t take the chance of choosing a facility that has any questionable practices when it comes to security. Choose one that has great security and a proven track record when it comes to maintaining security. Never choose a self-storage unit that doesn’t have a gated perimeter. Access to the facility should be restricted to those who rent units there. Furthermore, look for a facility with individually alarmed rooms, a well-lit area, and keypad access.

Ask friends and relatives about their self-storage facilities. Ask about security. Once you have a short-list of secure self-storage locations, go from there. Go and visit and see how you feel about the security there. If you have any qualms or misgivings about the place, move on. The number-one step in optimizing the security of your self-storage unit is to choose the right facility in the first place.

2. Pick Self-Storage with Video Surveillance

There are self-storage facilities with bare-bones security and there are facilities with multiple levels of security. If you want your storage unit to be 100 percent safe 24 hours a day, you’ll want to choose a facility with video surveillance. Modern surveillance gives the option to supervise storage properties at any time of the day or night.

Video surveillance provides recordings that law enforcement can use during investigations relating to any suspicious activities. When used in conjunction with alarm systems, video surveillance can give police the ability to respond to emergent and/or dangerous situations. A state-of-the-art surveillance and security system should be a priority for all reputable self-storage facilities.

3. Use Rock-Solid Locks

You have some control over how much security your self-storage unit offers. If you want the best security for your unit, you need to make rock-solid locks your priority. Don’t use locks that are inferior or otherwise questionable when it comes to security. Dependable locks can help with your peace of mind; you don’t want to constantly worry about thefts from your unit. Believe it or not, some people rely 100 percent on the security of the facility and don’t even lock their units! This is negligent, to say the least: if you want the best security possible for your unit, choose the most secure locks you can access.

4. Be Diligent

If you take the previous three tips into consideration, you shouldn’t have any problems keeping your storage unit secure. Don’t choose a facility with less than stellar security reputation. Do select a facility that has top-notch security features like video surveillance, alarm systems, and possibly patrolling security guards. Do purchase the best, most secure locks you can find, and always lock your self-storage unit. Never give your storage unit key or keypad access code to anyone.

Don’t forgo insurance coverage for your storage unit. In the even that your unit is breached and items are stolen are damaged, you want insurance to cover the monetary value of your belongings.