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How Do Home Health Care Centers Actually Work?

How Do Home Health Care Centers Actually Work?

Home health care business is currently thriving in Canada. Due to the good business environment, there is likely to be a surge in the number of new entrants. This will lead to increased rate of competition in the industry. That is why it is important for investors to know how to get new customers and retain the existing ones to mitigate the potential effects of competition. Here are some tips on how home health care can get more customers and be a head of the rest.

Create connections with physiciansYour home care business should build valuable partnerships with physicians across all medical fields. This include specialists and general practitioners. According to Canadian medical regulations, a person must get a recommendation from a physician before enrolling in a home healthcare plan. This means that all the patients that qualify for home care go through a physician who then writes a permission letter and also recommends a suitable facility. Creating strong relationships with physicians will lead to more referrals.

Work closely with hospitals

Meet with hospitals nurses and social workers and create meaningful engagements with them. Work with them to get opportunities to care for patients who are about to be discharged. Find some time alone and ask the patient if he is willing to receive extra medical care while at home. The hospital might also recommend patients that still need follow up to you. The care can range from light housekeeping to skilled care a qualified nurse.

Use nursing homes

You also need to work with nursing homes to help you get patients that need rehabilitation or home care assistance. Most nursing homes will not give you patients who need long-term care because they have the capability to accommodate them. However, there are times when the number of patients overwhelms their capacity. In this case, you will be asked to take in the excess numbers.

Expand to new markets

Just like any other business, you have to expand your service portfolio to reach more people and get market exposure. You should channel your marketing efforts to places that are underserved. The most common places are suburban and rural areas. This strategy can be present a great growth opportunity given that most people, especially the senior citizens, retire to rural settlements once they develop health problems.

Consider senior programs

There are a lot of senior programs that are formed to enhance the quality of life of the old population. You can collaborate with the organizers to obtain clients. Check the Department of Aging and Senior Services’ records for possible listings. Also, visit agency managers with information about your scope of services for possible referrals. You can also look at the local directories for possible links. Most home care agencies like to poach customers from these programs without their consent. You could also try this option and see how it goes.

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