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7 New Dad Gift Basket Ideas for Families

7 New Dad Gift Basket Ideas for Families

During pregnancies, mothers get all the praises, congratulations notes, and even more gifts when the baby arrives. Fathers, on the other side, are mainly forgotten, maybe because they don’t carry the pregnancies physically, which shouldn’t be the case.

Dads have been through a lot, too (although with lesser pain), and deserve the appreciation gifts like mothers. Shifting to fatherhood is a significant milestone and should be appreciated in all ways possible. Kill the norm that only mothers deserve all the gifts after delivering a baby and hand your new-dad colleague a gift basket today. Most essentially, the basket’s presentation and physical appearance matter the most. You can liaise with a professional to organize it on your behalf if you don’t trust yourself enough.

Here are the best new dad gift basket ideas to consider:

Idea #1: Dad and Baby Carrier Hoodies

One of the best gift baskets you can hand a new dad is some pieces of baby carrier hoodies. They will feel treasured and get a fancier way of bonding with newborns. The good thing with this selection is that you can never run out of designs, sizes, and styles.

Other benefits of baby carrier hoodies are that they inhibit flat head syndrome, babies cry less from the front, and they can enjoy long hours of peaceful sleep. You can accompany the hoodies with congratulatory notes, cookies, and chocolates.

Idea #2: Daddy and Baby Matching Outfits

Another way to take a new dad over the moon is to present them with daddy and baby matching outfits. Choose a few matching outfits for the dad and baby to create an excellent gift basket.

Since babies’ garments are significantly different from those of adults, you can match your selection with similar patterns, colours, and brands, regardless of design. For more remarkable results, you can add several dad-favoured onesies calibrated with “The best daddy ever,” “Newest dad in town,” or “My Daddy.”

Idea #3: New Dad Guide Book Collection

Parenthood comes with many new details you might not have known before. People equip new moms with all the guidelines, advice, and to-dos, forgetting the opposite gender, dads. A new dad book collection would make a perfect gift basket to guide them through the newly-started journey of fatherhood.

These books are mainly available in baby stores and bookshops across the town. Some congratulatory notes, quick steps for the baby-changing procedure, and bars of chocolate would be ideal accompaniments.

Idea #4: Best Beer Gift Basket

Becoming a father, whether for the first or subsequent time, is such an achievement that deserves all sorts of acknowledgment and celebration. Do a new dad a favour and send some legendary beer bottles their way.

They will be delighted by your thoughtfulness and the manly opportunity to celebrate their latest accomplishment. Your basket should contain one or two excellent beers sandwiched between two customized beer glasses, a classic bottle opener, and an assortment of snacks.

Idea #5: New Dad Games Basket

Besides bonding with their newborn, learning parenting tips, and lending a hand to their spouses, new dads deserve time to unwind and regain energy for more duties. The relaxation hours for new dads are no longer boring since experts developed new dad games as gift baskets.

Since it’s pretty hard to enjoy most games alone, you can invite a new dad to your place and organize everything to suit a relaxation mode. Some glasses of their favourite wine can also do the honours of sending the fatigue away.

Idea #6: Daddy’s Day Out

You can show some love to a new dad by treating them to a dinner date, game night, or short vacation at their favourite hotel. After all the cries and inadequate naps, every new dad deserves a day out to regain energy for the rest of the journey.

A daddy’s day out gift basket is relatively easy to organize, especially if the receiver has been your friend or colleague for some time. You have heard them talk about their favourite beef or beer joint in town or a restaurant they have lived to desire.

Work on taking them there and watch how joyful their hearts will be. It doesn’t always have to be the great hotels but how you present the entire gift basket. Besides the actual day out, you can hand them a congratulatory card, all the best notes, and bar chocolates.

Idea #7: Man Care Package

You might not find a better opportunity to gift your colleague a man-care gift basket than when they have just become a dad. Man care gift baskets come with a customized face towel, an aftershave cream or spray, body lotion, a classic shaving bar, a premium soap bar, and lip balm.

Other essentials are a shower steamer, a classy shaver, and a compatible shaving brush. The good thing with this basket is that you can add or omit the essentials depending on how much you know the potential recipient or your relationship with them.

Some possible accompaniments for man-care gift baskets are manly teddy bears, DIY congratulatory cards, an assortment of snacks and candies, or ready-made well-done cards. The aim is to let the new dad embrace fatherhood while caring for their body and soul.