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7 Tricks to Convince Your Friends & Family to Help You Move

7 Tricks to Convince Your Friends & Family to Help You Move

It’s no secret that no one you know will be excited about helping you move, especially if you are moving often. This is why hiring movers is the best solution: as long as they are being paid, movers will be happy to help you move.

However, if for some reason you can’t, or don’t want to hire movers, these tips could help you convince your friends and family to be there for you on moving day.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute

Unless you really have no other choice, don’t wait until the last minute to ask your friends and family to help you move. If you do, you will surely find out that everyone already has other plans for that day. Some of them might be lying, but they will still not show up!

If you ask for help weeks in advance, there are more chances that some people will mark the day on their calendar.

2. Offer them free food

Who doesn’t like free food? You need someone to help you move, and your friends and family need to eat. If you tell them you will provide meals and many snacks throughout the day, they will surely be interested.

Keep in mind that your kitchen will be a mess during moving day, so opt for food that you don’t need to cook.

3. Plan a little party

A bit of audacity might be all you need to turn your moving day into an event that no one will want to miss. If free food is not enough to attract your friends and family, plan a party for everyone who will show up.

There should be good music, a few games, perhaps a little gift for everyone and, of course, beer and pizza. Be sure to wait until the end of the day to offer alcohol, if you want your movers to stay safe and motivated as they work.

4. Tell them lifting boxes and furniture is a great workout

Do you have a few friends who like going to the gym? If so, tell them that helping you move would be a great workout for them.

Packing boxes, lifting boxes and moving furniture will allow them to burn a lot of calories, especially if you have to go down or up stairs. If your friends love to work out, they won’t be able to resist!

5. Tell them they can have the items you want to get rid of

When we move, we always discover a lot of items we don’t want or don’t need anymore. Our first reaction is often to have a garage sale, or to donate these items to get rid of them.

A better idea would be to tell your friends and family that they can keep your unwanted items if they find them interesting.

6. Offer to do something for them in return

Unfortunately, many people will not do anything for you unless you offer to do something for them in return. If your friends and family don’t want to help you move, ask them what you can do for them in return.

Maybe you could babysit for your friends, or help your father wash his car. It could only cost you a few hours of your time to make everyone happy and helpful.

7. Hire movers to do the heavy lifting

If you know there will be a lot of heavy lifting involved, you should consider hiring professional movers to take care of it for you.

Afterwards, it should be easier to convince your friends and family to just help you move a few boxes and light furniture pieces.