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7 Subtle Signs of Employee Stealing from Company

7 Subtle Signs of Employee Stealing from Company

Working in a job is an aspect of life we all get involved with. No matter our employment, there is usually a collaboration with others involved. Once goals are on the table, everyone must put forward their best effort to accomplish them. Unfortunately, some colleagues may have other plans for the company.

Employee theft is a huge factor in criminal behaviour within the workplace. Sometimes, this type of theft can be subtle, or it can be rather overt. Whatever the case, many signs may be seen as red flags. If you suspect an employee stealing from the company, be on the lookout for these particular signs.

Sign #1: Missing Inventory

A common way to detect employee theft is by taking stock of the available product in your business. Your aisles will usually be filled with inventory for those who have a small mom-and-pop shop. Other types of businesses may have similar types of inventories to be displayed for customers who walk in.

If these items somehow go missing, it could signify that one of your colleagues is stealing from the store. Some products may have been misplaced and can be located without delay. On the other hand, it could be the start of something more drastic. Always note what is inside the store to have a clear insight into your inventory. This documentation will help the corporate investigation services uncover the truth.

Sign #2: Data Theft

Many other businesses lock sensitive information behind digitized closed doors. This data is essential for business owners or employers to protect for the short and long term. The data type can also range from housing employee information to material about accounting.

Whatever the case may be, these accounts or servers must be safeguarded as much as possible. If you are in charge of data in your company, it is essential to double-check your data every week. Should there be any discrepancies inside, you must take action quickly. This could be a clear and cut sign of something being amiss with your employees.

Sign #3: Odd Work Hours

Scheduling remains a core aspect of any business, as employees will be designated their respective shifts. It is generally a universal way of ensuring everyone is aligned with their role in the company. Sometimes, you may find that an employee is working a shift they were not placed in.

Or, they may be coming in and out of business at their discretion. If they continue to do this without reason, make sure you question them. This does not automatically equate to employee theft, but they need justification. If the response to your inquiry is still unusual, probe further.

Sign #4: Customer Interactions

Customer service is incumbent on employees to know their way around the store. That way, customers can have their orders fulfilled without trouble. In some cases, an employee may manipulate this to their advantage. That is due to them wanting to blame the customer for an interaction gone awry.

Should you find that this is becoming more routine, make sure to talk to your employee about it. They may be using these bad interactions as a ruse to cover theft in some fashion. Also, ensure that you note how frequent these interactions become. A pattern is a surefire way to detect abnormal employee behaviour within the business.

Sign #5: Accounting Errors

If you are not in charge of accounting within the business, you may designate the role for someone else. After you do this, ensure the employee has trained accordingly for what is to come. Simple errors, in the beginning, may not be a huge issue. However, if discrepancies are established long-term, it could signify accounting theft.

Sign #6: Avoids Micromanagement

Of course, no employee wants to be micromanaged forever during their tenure. On the other hand, if your worker wants independence initially, be wary of their actions. It could signify them wanting to find ways to steal from the business at some point. Make sure they know the company’s rules, and you will generally be good to go.

Sign #7: Investigator Notes

An employer cannot always keep track of everything in the store. In this regard, it may be best to hire a private eye if you suspect employee theft is occurring in the company. These professionals will conduct their duties and report to you with their findings. It is here, then, that you can confirm if theft is happening!