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6 Home Safety Tips You Should Start Using Right Away

6 Home Safety Tips You Should Start Using Right Away

When a burglar is scoping out a neighbourhood they are looking for one thing. An easy target. If a burglar sees two houses. One, with all their windows open and another that has the windows closed. They are going to choose the softer target. If your home appears too difficult or the risk of being caught is too great, they will move on to the next house. It does not take a lot to make your home appear intimidating to burglars. It is really simple actually.

1. Close and lock all of the windows and doors of your home

Even if you are only leaving the house for a few minutes it is best to lock all of the windows and doors of your home. If anyone is watching your home while you leave, they will be put off by your diligence. A burglar will assume that you take the security of your home seriously and have other preventative measures in place too.

2. Get a top of the line alarm system installed

It is very important that you have a modern alarm system installed into your home. This will alert you to any attempts to break into your home. It will also act as a further deterrent to any potential home invader. No matter what the configuration of your home is, you will be able to get a security system that suits your needs. If you are looking to have a home alarm system installed then you should get in touch with the experts today.

You will never sleep as easy as you do, safe in the knowledge that your home is fully protected. Be sure to ask for a tutorial on all of the features of the alarm system. This is very important so that you know how to arm and disarm the system. You may also want to take advantage of the ability to schedule certain elements of the alarm system to align with your schedule.

Alarm systems have become much more advanced than they used to be and can do a lot more now. You could set up external motion sensor cameras, or install a driveway alarm.

3. Inspect your locks

You should regularly take a look at the locking mechanism on your doors and windows. Are they secure? If you think that they could do with an upgrade then so might a potential thief. It doesn’t hurt to have new locks installed when you move into a new place. After all, there is no guarantee that you have all of the keys.

4. Smart home technology

Timers on your electronics have been available for years. These are a great way to make the lights of your home turn on and off while you’re away to give the illusion that someone is home. With the advent of smart home technology, you are able to control many of your devices remotely. Even from halfway around the world. You will even be able to access the live video of any cameras that you have installed.

5. Cut down on the bushes

If you have lots of large trees and shrubbery around your home, then you are giving thieves what they want. A place to hide, especially at night. You don’t need to get rid of all of the plants at the front of the house. The best way to assess what needs to be done is to take a look at your home at night. This will show you where any shadows are where someone could hide.

6. Outdoor lighting

Lighting on the outside of your home that is triggered by motion sensors is a good way to alert you to any activity. This also makes it harder for someone to hide around the entrance to your home.