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5 Ways to Vape Like a Pro

5 Ways to Vape Like a Pro

When you first start vaping, you might be intimidated by the many different aspects of a vape kit. While it seems like a lot to learn, you can become a pro in very little time. The tips below can help you get to that point.

1. Clean the E-Tank

To maximize the safety of your e-cigarette experience, you’ll need to keep your e-tank clean. This includes emptying your tank and cleaning it out on a regular basis. Depending on how often you vape, you should probably clean your tank about once a week. You should also clean the atomizer and mouthpiece using hot water. This will eliminate any of the buildup, which contributes to the overall experience of vaping since the flavors are more potent when everything is clean.

2. Choose High-Quality E-Liquids

It’s always best to choose high-quality e-liquids as opposed to finding something cheap with no guarantee that the ingredients listed are actually the ingredients included. You can avoid this problem by doing a little research to see what others are saying about the product before making a purchase. The bottom line is that you should purchase e-liquids from a reputable source. Manufacturers of premium quality vape juice use food grade ingredients and medical grade nicotine, if nicotine is included.

3. Store Liquids Properly

Where you store your e-liquids is important because storing them in a warm or hot room will destroy the quality. It’s best to store your e-liquids in a room that’s cool and dark. If you drink wine, consider storing your e-liquids in the same location and then tossing them out after the expiration date.

4. Understand VG and PG Ratios

How much vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are used in vaping juice will determine the quality of the smoke and the potency of the flavor. When choosing the VG/PG ratio, consider the fact that a high VG quantity will provide thick smoke and is often considered a better quality vaping experience. Notably, a high amount of PG will provide more robust flavor. The Dashvapes website may be able to provide you with more information.

5. Replace Coils

The coil in your vape is important and must remain clean if you want an enjoyable experience. In fact, if the coil isn’t clean, the juice will end up with a burnt taste. In fact, a dirty coil can result in nausea. Once you replace the coil, you’ll be able to enjoy the flavor again. However, you will also need to prime the wick when the coil is replaced.

Your vaping experience will depend on all of the factors listed above. Your experience may not be like someone else’s because it depends on many factors.