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5 Moving Tips & Guidelines to Help You Get Started

5 Moving Tips & Guidelines to Help You Get Started

Do you know how to move from one property to another? If you think it is just transferring a few garbage bags and your sofa to your new place, then you’re incorrect.

If you keep telling yourself this, then you’ll have a difficult time moving.

As you know, moving requires a lot of energy, resources, and headaches!

Here are five tips on how to move according to the moving experts:

1. Book Your Movers in Advance

So, you plan to move out from your current premise on December 1? OK. With that in mind, it is important to take the time right now to book your movers for that big day. If it is in a couple of months, then you shouldn’t have to wait until the days prior to book an appointment.

If you make the mistake of waiting, then you will scramble in the days leading up to the move. When you do, you may not pick the right movers, either based on price or reputation.

Whenever you move, just book your movers as soon as you can. You’ll be glad you did.

Just, please remember to do this one thing: Tell the truth!

2. Grab Moving Supplies ASAP

Akin to getting the right movers for the job several weeks in advance, you should grab moving supplies as soon as possible.

The earlier you obtain boxes, tape, labels, and everything else necessary to your move, the earlier you can start packing. The later you get these moving supplies, then the later you’ll pack – and that’s a big no-no because you will inevitably be frantic.

3. Organize Your Junk – And Purge

Let’s be honest: You have a lot of junk. We all do. We typically move to larger places because we have too much stuff – and we just accumulate more as time goes by.

Well, moving day is your chance to find out how much junk you have.

Once you start your crusade of getting prepared for moving day, this is your opportunity to perform an inventory check of what you have and don’t have, what you want and what you don’t want.

4. Stretch Wrap is Your Best Friend

If there is one tool that will make your move easier it is stretch wrap.

For years, stretch wrap was only prevalent in factories, shipping boats, and other facilities that work with heavy items. Nowadays, it is common to find stretch wrap at a local department store to use in your move.

Why is stretch wrap such a successful tool?

  • You can use it to wrap your chest without having to take out the clothes and drawers.
  • You can wrap your sofa and keep the cushions and pillows inside.
  • Have an armoire? You can secure the furniture piece by covering it with stretch wrap.

By having stretch wrap you won’t need to worry that your items will be hurt.

5. Renting? Snap Before & After Pictures

More people are renting these days, considering how expensive it is to buy a house in the major Canadian markets, like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

If you’re renting an apartment or a house, then here is a simple suggestion that will be of tremendous assistance to you and your pocketbook: Snap several before and after pictures.

By doing this, you’re protecting yourself from being wrongfully accused of damaging the property.

Simply put: If there is a leaky pipe and it ruins a part of a wall, you can’t get blamed for it. And this is how you master the big move.

Movers have seen and done it all. They have worked all kinds of jobs, helped all sorts of people, and moved all types of furniture pieces. They also realize how much their customers hate to move, which is why they will always do their best to make your experience a pleasant one.

As long as you prepared in advance, be honest with movers, and organize your bebop jazz record collection, you can make moving day less of a hassle!