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7 Organization Tips and Tricks for Office Spaces

7 Organization Tips and Tricks for Office Spaces

No matter what industry you’re in, staying organized is an integral part of your success. Organized offices waste less time, have fewer conflicts and understand how to do their job at a high level. Being organized has to be a value that’s shared throughout the entire office. In this post, we’ll address seven different ways you can get everyone in your office on the same page!

1. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

It doesn’t take long for you to run out of desktop space, even if you’re using cabinets. Using vertical space in combination with your regular storage will make organization a lot easier in the office. You can store important items at eye level and keep your desk free of clutter.

Try adding more bookcases and shelving units to take advantage of the empty space on your walls. If your office has a door, you can also add a vertical storage unit on the back of your door.

2. Use Cork Boards & Whiteboards Throughout The Office

Corkboards and whiteboards are extremely useful tools to have around the office. Anytime you’re trying to instill a new process, having a visual reminder helps everyone stay on track. Your office can use a central whiteboard/corkboard for important announces, tasks and other things your employees need to keep in mind. Having a whiteboard is also a good way for your team to organize their individual work areas.

3. Keep A Visible To Do List

Another way a whiteboard comes in handy is it allows you to get things out of your head and on paper. If you’re not careful, you’ll build up a lot of mental clutter thinking about all the things you have to do around the office. Keeping your to-do list visible ensures you don’t forget anything. The act of physically writing out your tasks also helps them stick in your head more.

4. Schedule Regular Cleanings

Office cleaning is a must for any company with a physical workspace. Getting in the habit of putting things where they belong and regularly shredding documents will help your office stay organized. Try establishing a routine where everyone does some sort of office maintenance on a specific day. You can also invest in hiring professional cleaners to keep clutter under control.

5. Make Time To Organize Your Old Files

Physical files are one of the most common sources of clutter. It may seem tedious, but taking the time to transfer your files to electronic storage is well worth it. With electronic files, all you need to do is enter a search term, and you’ll have the file you want within minutes. Relying on physical files means you’re spending time looking through files when you could just search through them.

6. Keep Your Reception Area Clear

Your company’s reception area sets the tone for the office. Make sure you get rid of physical blemishes such as fingerprints on glass, dirty door handles and dusty furniture. It’s also worth paying attention to the scent of your reception area. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment such as brochure holders, business cards and important company information available on the reception desk.

7. Get Your Team To Focus On One Task At A Time

Getting your team to embrace the habit of working on one task at a time can change how your office operates. Multitasking causes us to feel frantic and dismiss things like organization. When you’re used to multitasking, it makes sense to work with a cluttered desk since you have multiple things going on at once. However, when you have just one task in front of you, your productivity will easily double or even triple.