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9 Facts About Your Home’s Wood Flooring

9 Facts About Your Home’s Wood Flooring

The time has come to replace your old, worn out carpet with a better flooring option. Many people are choosing wood flooring for their home, and you will probably make the same choice after reading about these 9 benefits of wood flooring.

1. Wood never goes out of fashion

Wood has a timeless appeal. The colours and patterns of carpets, linoleum flooring and tiles can go in and out of fashion, but the beauty of wood flooring will never be questioned. You will never regret choosing a wooden floor.

2. Wood flooring is easier to clean than a carpet

Dirty carpets are difficult to clean. Some stains can even seem impossible to get rid of. On the other hand, wood flooring is very easy to clean: a vacuum cleaner or a damp mop will do the trick.

3. Wood flooring doesn’t trap allergens like a carpet does

A carpet is a perfect hiding place for dust, dirt, fleas, mites, and allergens. Even if you vacuum and clean your carpet regularly, you never know what can be hiding between its fibers. Wood flooring is a healthier choice, because it doesn’t trap dirt and allergens.

4. Wood flooring smells better than a carpet

Wood flooring doesn’t trap bad odours left by cats and dogs, or the smell of cigarette smoke. Carpet does. Therefore, you know that wood flooring will always smell better than a carpet, and will help improve the quality of the air inside your home.

5. A damaged wooden floor is easy to restore

Your beautiful wood flooring got scratched or damaged? There’s no need to panic. All you have to do to make it look brand new is to have it sanded and sealed. Other flooring options are not this easy to restore.

6. Wood flooring will last for decades

If you choose to install wood flooring in your home, you won’t have to think about replacing it anytime soon. In fact, you probably will never think about replacing it, since quality wood flooring can last for decades.

7. Producing wood flooring is an environmentally friendly process

Many people think that cutting trees to create wooden floors is not environmentally friendly. However, the truth is that producing wood flooring requires less water and less energy than producing other types of flooring.

8. Wood is a renewable material

On top of that, wood is a renewable material, and sustainable forest management ensures that the wood cut for the production of wood flooring will not have a negative impact on the ennvironment. Wooden floors are an environmentally friendly choice.

9. A house with wood flooring is easier to sell

Real estate agents will tell you that a house with wood flooring will be easier to sell than a house with different flooring options. If you have been thinking about easy ways to increase the value of your home, start with a wooden floor.