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7 Secret Tricks to Live a Longer Life

7 Secret Tricks to Live a Longer Life

Getting old doesn’t have to be painful. No one can escape the effect of age on our bodies, but we can do a lot to mitigate the symptoms. Here are eight different things you can do to establish longevity in your life!

1. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Vegetables

A lot of people underestimate the difference vegetables can make in their health. Fruit and vegetables fuel your body with all the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy. Eating tons of vegetable every day can be tough, so it’s important to vary your intake sources. In addition to raw vegetables, you can have salad on your sandwiches, fruit with your breakfast, soup made with vegetable broth or sweet fruits as part of your dessert.

2. Get Moving On A Daily Basis

The human body needs to move, and bad things happen when it doesn’t. If you’re struggling to stay at a healthy weight, consistent exercise can transform your body. If you don’t do any exercise at all, just start with a walk. Every day push yourself to go a little bit further. Once you’ve been walking for a few weeks, you can try yoga, martial arts, weightlifting or any other form of exercise that interests you. With exercise just showing up is a huge part of building your health.

3. Make Small Improvements Daily

Speaking of just showing up, making small improvements is the best way to approach changing your health. Trying to go all out from day one is a recipe for disaster. If you’ve been eating unhealthy for years, it doesn’t make sense to immediately transition to an all-vegetable diet. Starting small with daily walks, fruits with your meals and quitting unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking are great small steps to take to begin your journey to better health.

4. Don’t Underestimate The Damage Of Smoking

Smoking is one of the most damaging casual habits you can pick up. Smoking causes you to look older, damages your cells and increases your risk of heart disease and chronic lung problems. The funny thing is your body almost instantly starts to repair itself as soon as you stop smoking.

If you continue to smoke your risk for stroke and different types of cancer remain incredibly high. Smoking damages your DNA and could cause you to pass down subpar genes. If you’ve been smoking for decades, you should invest in DNA testing before having children.

5. Increase Your Protein As You Get Older

Raising your protein consumption is a great way to fuel your body as you age. However, don’t just focus on meat sources of protein. Beans, nuts, and grains are all extremely healthy sources of protein that will strengthen your body. Fish and lean beef are also good sources of protein. Try and avoid charred meat since the burnt sections are full of carcinogens.

6. Mind Ways To Manage Stress

Believe it or not, stress can be a killer of otherwise healthy people. If you want to be around for a while, you need to figure out some way to keep your stress under control. If you’re having trouble sleeping or maintaining high energy levels, these symptoms can spill over into larger issues. Find ways to get rid of all your pent-up energy, so you’re not harboring stress inside your body.

7. Get Antioxidants In Your Diet

Your morning cup of coffee is actually full of polyphenols that act as antioxidants in your body. However, you need to eliminate the sugar from your coffee if you want the health benefits. Try using full-fat milk or cream in your coffee; you’ll feel fuller for longer if you eat something with it. Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you’re eating will also give you more antioxidants.