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5 Creative Ways to Make Your Flexible Packaging Stand Out

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Flexible Packaging Stand Out

One common form of packaging is flexible packaging. Many businesses use it. Because of this, it can be difficult to catch the eye of the consumer. So how does a business use flexible packaging, something that so many others are also using, and stand out? Functionality and design could be the answer, so let’s take a look at how to achieve this.

1. Graphics

Any business that uses graphics to its fullest potential is bound to succeed in standing out and catching the eye of customers. Clever use of graphics can make a product stand out when it is on the shelf, competing for attention with other products. There are of course, several ways to do this. Certain colours have been proven to be more effective. Using high-impact colours and graphics can make the product get noticed more. Attractive artwork featured on different finishes like gloss and matte can make the difference.

2. Eco-Friendly

Many consumers care about the environment now, so some of their decisions may be based on this. Businesses know this too. Eco-conscious designs will catch the eye of these consumers. It is important for some of these businesses to use recyclable and sustainable materials.

3. Functionality & Structure

All products are different and will have different packaging needs. Using a bit of imagination along with trial and error and tweaking, a business can come up with clever ways to make it work. This can have a big effect on the bottom line. For example, a shampoo bottle could be replaced with a flexible package featuring a smart spout. As long as you perform flexible packaging testing diligently, such innovation can lead to less wastage and be more easier to use whilst one is in the shower. A turkey could be packaged in such a way that it can be taken from the freezer and placed into the oven without the packaging being removed.

4. Thinking Outside The Box

It can sometimes help when you rethink traditional packaging techniques. This means thinking outside the box. For example, most frozen pizza manufacturers use a cardboard box. What if this was done away with completely? The use of flexible packaging in this instance can be a masterstroke. Why? Because while the rest of the competition are in cardboard boxes, there is one that really sticks out and catches the eye of the consumer. It may be the worst pizza in the universe but it still managed to grab the attention away from the best one.

5. Innovation Can Get Big Results

Sometimes, innovative measures that are small can bring about a big and positive change. For example, the turkey that does not need to be removed from its packaging is a good example. Not only is the product going to be fresher, there is no need to handle raw meat. This means there will not be any cross contamination. Salmonella cannot spread and everyone stays safe and healthy.

Flexible packaging can also extend the shelf life of your product. Some products may deteriorate if kept in their usual cardboard packaging. Not only can it help your product stand out, but sometimes, flexible packaging can extend the shelf life of it. This will then save you money in the long run.