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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Diagnosed with Cancer

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Diagnosed with Cancer

You can beat cancer!

This may appear overly audacious but it is true. Cancer is not always a death sentence. However, the reality is that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, there is still hope for you. However, below are a number of mistakes you need to avoid to beat this thing.

1. Ignoring Alternative Cancer Treatments

There are claims people seeking alternative cancer treatment have a higher chance of beating the disease. While these claims are fiercely contested, the reality is that alternative cancer treatment largely minimizes the complications and side effects associated with allopathic (mainstream) cancer medications.

2. Fearing Cancer

The moment they are told they have cancer, most people go into immediate fear mode. Thoughts of a painful drawn-out death fill their mind. I agree, it’s a life-threatening condition, but it is not a death sentence. The types of food we eat and the environment we live in have a lot to do with the increased incidences of cancer. Medicine in the absence of a healthy diet is of no use. However, the right diet combined with a healthy lifestyle can make medicine irrelevant.

3. Rushing into Mainstream Treatment

The pressure you feel when diagnosed with cancer is understandable. The news is devastating, and it’s perfectly okay if you feel like your world is crumbling around you. However, do not let panic pressure you into starting treatment without rational consideration of the available treatment options. In any case, some types of cancer such as pancreatic cancer have no known allopathic cure. Research the alternative naturopathic treatments proven to alleviate your condition, and sometimes even reverse it, before starting your treatment.

4. Failing to Adopt the “Cancer Diet”

The first thing to do after being diagnosed with cancer is to stop consuming processed foods and beverages. Instead, change into an organic diet and avoid red and processed meats. You should also keep off refined carbohydrates and sugar. The idea is to adopt a “cancer diet” to start repairing the cancer cells and increase your chances of survival.

5. Following Only One Treatment Protocol

The ideal line of cancer treatment includes three protocols, and one of them is diet. When looking for a cancer clinic, link up with one that provides natural treatment as part of their holistic cancer therapy. If you are already on a cancer diet, your chances of recovery from cancer are much higher with a clinic offering a holistic cancer treatment.

6. Failing to Follow the Protocol Strictly

If your treatment protocol involves a cancer diet (and it should), you must stick to it at all times. There should be no letup in following through with the protocol. Avoid processed foods and beverages outlawed by the “cancer diet”. Failing to follow through with a treatment protocol jeopardizes its success.

7. Not Detoxifying Thoroughly

You can detoxify through heavy juicing and using an organic, plant-based diet. It is important to detoxify regularly and thoroughly since the dead cancer cells increase toxins in your blood, which can burden the liver. Besides the above detoxification method, you can use other natural methods of detoxification. The most important thing is to remember to detoxify in order to help your liver deal with the increased toxicity in your body.

8. Downplaying the Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Aspects of Holistic Healing

It is important to stay positive when undergoing cancer treatment. When you are happy and contented, your body reacts more favourably to treatment as opposed to when you are stressed and depressed. A cancer treatment clinic should feature a relaxed, friendly atmosphere interspersed with humour and highly motivated staff. Support from friends and family members can help you heal quickly.

You can beat cancer. However, you need to adopt a healthy diet besides seeking other alternative cancer treatments that could hasten your recovery.