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7 Ways Your Team Can Enhance Communication at Work

7 Ways Your Team Can Enhance Communication at Work

Communication is one of the most vital aspects of teamwork that you can’t afford to ignore. It’s hard to create a business that runs smoothly if your teammates aren’t getting along. Even if people get along, it’s important to practice certain communication habits to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks. Check out these7 different things your team can do to enhance communication at work!

1. Get In The Habit Of Giving Your Undivided Attention

A lot of people try to multitask when working in a fast-paced work environment. The worst form of multitasking is trying to do something else while someone is talking to you. Try and break the habit of looking at your cell phone or trying to organize paperwork while someone is talking to you. Giving your full focus and eye contact helps to increase the effectiveness of your communication with your team.

2. Follow Up On Verbal Agreements In Writing

A lot of offices bog themselves down with unfulfilled verbal promises. A lot of information can fall through the cracks when you don’t follow up on agreements in writing. It’s hard to remember 5 different things you were tasked with at a meeting, especially if you aren’t used to taking notes. Anytime someone makes a verbal agreement with you, follow up with email just to confirm. Reiterate the agreement as you understand it and give an estimated completion time. Following up on verbal interactions in writing helps keep your team accountable.

3. Encourage People To Share Information

Part of establishing healthy communication is getting used to sharing information with your teammates. Even if the information is not directly related to the task at hand, getting in the habit of sharing interesting articles or studies with your teammates is a great way to improve your communication. Sharing information is a good way to pass on your thoughts, ideas, and things that inspire you.

4. Make Sure Everyone Feels Heard

Part of encouraging healthy communication at work is to ensure all members of your team feel that their voice and ideas are heard. Often leaders in a corporation can end up dominating conversations and not give their subordinates the chance to speak. Don’t be afraid to pause after your sentences to allow the opportunity for someone else to jump in. If you have quiet team members, you may want to get in the habit of asking questions to clarify that everyone understands which will also give them the chance to join the conversation.

5. Practice Showing Appreciation

Resentment builds in a lot of companies because employees don’t feel appreciated. There are many simple things you can do to show your team appreciation and let them know that their effort is valued. Congratulating your team for ideas and taking the time to thank them for finishing a task are simple ways you can help your team feel appreciated.

6. Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology makes keeping complex communications under control. Using the right communication platform will prevent you from wasting time with a system that isn’t right for your company. Take the time to explore task management software, a custom forms app or a CRM system that’s right for the type of work that your business does.

7. Spend Time With Each Other Outside Of Work

Getting familiar with your team outside of work will help you build healthy relationships. Most people aren’t going to jump at the chance to hang out with their colleagues, so it’s important for the leaders in the organization to create opportunities for the team to hang out. Simple activities like going for lunch, exercising or playing a sport together can go a long way in breaking the ice and strengthening relationships.