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5 Proper Ways to Use a Limo Service

5 Proper Ways to Use a Limo Service

A limo adds a touch of extravagance to a lovely evening out, and there are many occasions when hiring a limo service could enhance an event.

The options available for hiring limo services allows them to be an excellent choice both for a romantic, intimate evening for two, or a wild and crazy party for 32. These options also allow people to choose exactly the trip they want in order to create the perfect event, the outing of their dreams, or a romantic surprise.

1. Choose a vehicle

Although the classic stretch limo is the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when they hear of a limo service, there are actually many vehicle options to choose from. Clients booking for a smaller group or a more casual trip – for instance, services required for business purposes – may prefer a town car or even an SUV over a stretch limousine.

Larger groups, however, may require something with a little more capacity. For instance, a group of about 20 would need something bigger, like a hummer SUV, while a group of 30 would need a bus. Buses, like all other vehicles in a limo service’s fleet, are executive, pristine, and offer maximum comfort.

2. What to hire for

The sky is the limit on when to hire a limo service. It may be a birthday or anniversary, a stag or a bachelorette party, or a wedding. It could be to facilitate travel to and from the airport and around a new city, or it could be the chosen mode of transportation to an event like a concert or festival. It could even simply be used to charter a tour around the city, for no particular reason at all other than to feel the luxury and enjoy the company of friends.

3. When to hire

Limo services are, of course, available year-round, but it is important to remember that there are certain times of the year when they may be in higher demand. For example, weekends in the summer are often busy due to a higher volume of wedding celebrations, as are weekends around the holiday season and New Year’s Eve is an exceptionally busy night. Book well in advance, especially in peak seasons.

4. Discussing needs

When hiring a limo, it is important that the company is aware of what is expected from their services. When organizing the outing, the client should ensure that any details they are expecting are laid out to the company, in order for them to ensure they can take care of any requests, especially anything unusual.

The limo company will likely do a good job of asking questions about the expectations and requirements for the ride, but clients should try and supply as much information as possible as well. However, after that, everything is in the hands of the limo service, and they will take care of it all.

5. Paying for the ride

The cost of the limo ride may depend on a number of factors. Many limo services rent their vehicles by the hour. The hourly price will likely differ depending on the vehicle chosen. Specific limo companies may adjust prices on other factors like number of people.

The ride could be between $100 and $300 an hour, but for that price the limo company sends one of their pristine vehicles, a chauffeur – usually in uniform or in suit and tie – who will open doors, move luggage, and other such tasks, and some limo services send other bonuses along like a bottle of champagne, for example. It is important to note that it is customary to tip the limo driver for their services, as gratuities are not included in the price.